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"Blown Away" is a fast paced "king of the hill" type of game, where the players fight for control of a green circle. Each player controls a colored ballon, which leak and take in air to control their movements. Bouncing of walls and players is a key way of gaining the upper hand, but beware of the spikes! They will kill you and put you on a short respawn timer.

Each ballon has a specific sounddesgin based on a personality, that dynamically adds to the soundtrack of the game. This and the rest of the sounddesign gives an adaptive soundtrack, that changes with each game.

The game features three unique levels and supports up to four players, so bring your friends and be ready to be blown away.

How to start the game: Press 2,3 or 4 in order to play as 2-4 players.Press 'R' to change to a random scene.

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Published Apr 09, 2016


Blown_away_release1.exe 16 MB
Blown_away_released2.zip 57 MB
Blown_away_release3.zip 58 MB
Blown_away_release4.zip 58 MB
Blown_away_FINAL_VERSION.zip 60 MB